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History of Lancashire

This is a summary in date order of the information contained within the Victoria History of the County of Lancaster. It was published in 1906 and consists of eight volumes describing the inhabitants of the county which was taken from actual documentary evidence. References are to Volume 4 of History of Lancashire unless otherwise stated
1500 - 1549
1500 James Holt (of wife Isabel) and others claimed a right of toll from all who crossed the Mersey between Runcorn and Thelwall (p112).
1501 James Holt of Gristlehurst Gristlehurst and Ralph his son and heir made an agreement with Heywoods (p139) The Cockersand lands, Wigan, appear to have been granted to Thomas Holt.(vol.4 p89) (see also vol.4 p118).
1504 James Holt named in final concords (Ref Lanc Fines p170)
1506 Alice Holt of Fieldhouse, widow of John Holt, granted it to her son Alan Holt (p226)
1507 Henry Holt, brother of Alan, in possession of Fieldhouse (p226).On his death it passed to his daughter Grace.A 1507 Survey named Laurence Holt among others as one to whom part of a vaccary at Rawtenstall had been demised for 5. Survey also shows William Holt with 5 others farmed Deadwenclough at total rent of 10 13s 4d (p436 vol 6).
1509 James and Ralph Holt were granted 4 messuages and land in Spotland and Hundersfield on payment of 40li (6s 8p) to the Chadwicks (Ref Lanc Fines p166)
1512 Christopher Holt settled his estate ,dying in1517, holding Hollingrave, Birch Hey and Wood Hey (p147)
1517 and1520 Oliver Holt made a feoffment of Ashworth.
1520 Henry Holt of Balderstone died (he was the son of Henry del Holt bastard). His lands went to Ellis Buckley but Henry`s daughter obtained some after a lawsuit (p204)
1521 Alice Holt, widow of Henry H mentioned in court case (p204)
1522 Oliver Holt gave land in Ashworth to Robert, his son amd heir, on his marriage to Grace Rishton. The rest he gave to Richard, Robert`s brother. (p175-8)
1523 Henry Holt of Fieldhouse had lands in Brandwood/Spotland. (p211)
George Holt died, his son and heir being William (p147)
1526 Henry Holt died holding 5 messuages etc in Spotland and Hundersfield of Robert Holt by Knights service. His daughter and heir was Grace.(p212)
1527 Oliver Holt was a tenant of Love Clough in Haslingden area of Rossendale. It passed to John Holt (1609) - George Holt (1662).(vol 6)
1529 STUBLEY OLD HALL - on south side of road between Rochdale and Littleborough, 3/4 mile from Littleborough. It was said to have been rebuilt at this time by Robert Holt (p223-4)
Robert Holt of Stubley gave land for Whitworth Chapel. (p212)
Robert Holt of Carburton Notts. Held lands in Spotland and Hundersfield.(p211). He remitted all right to 5 messuages, a mill and land in Bury, Spotland and Hundersfield to Thomas Holt, William Holt and Lawrence Longley on payment of 200 marks (Ref Lanc Fines p14)
1530 Edward Holt tried to gain possession of a chest kept in his wife Alice`s house in the township of Fallowfield, which contained the family money and goods.(p292)
1533 Robert Holt (heir of Oliver Holt) married Joan Langley. There were disputes over land boundaries - concerns the Rochdale Holts. (p178)
1534 Thomas Holt and Ralph Nader tenants of Naderland in Spotland. Robert Holt paid to have mill attached in Wolstenholme.(p209)
1535 Dominus Thomas Holt was a preist of Whitworth (H.R p 170)
1537 Henry VIII granted rights toThomas Holt of Gristlehurst (see vol 3,4 p100/101,7 8,etc) to monastic lands in Oldham, Spotland in Rochdale, Cunscough, Marystead Bailrigg, Raines, Graange etc in Cockersand Abbey land, Chadderton, Sefton, Cronton, Staining etc in Whalley and a number of manors - Counscough and Forton in Cockersand, Stidd in Blackburn Hundred, Melling and Lydiate.
Thomas Holt was successful, a member of the 10ths commission,a JP and a captain of the county musters. He made very large purchases in 1542/3 part of which he sold off in 1544, probably financing the purchase of land he wished to keep by selling off the rest at a profit.
Robert Holt of Stubley a "lesser" man than Thomas, but also a member of the 10ths commission, a JP and turned out against the rebels in 1536 also acquired land - Clitheroe,Castleton in Rochdale and Whalley - but had to sell more.
1539 Geoffrey Holt (son of R.Holt of Carburton) who had sold most of inherited lands, see 1529 above (p211) was granted by Thomas Holt some of the lands in Spotland and Hundersfield. To revert to Thomas Holts family if no heirs to Geoffrey. Also Thomas Holt, on payment of 100 gained 7 messuages, 6 cottages and land in Spotland, Hundersfield and Rochdale from the Leylands (Ref Lanc Fines p23 and 25)
1540 Robert Holt paid rent for Rochdale mill house.(p192) Robert Holt and other tenants of Tottington in complaint re common land.(p148)
1541 Geoffrey Holt, son of Christopher Holt, died passing his estate to his son Christopher. (p147)
1542 Holts of Gristlehurst purchased manor of Spotland. Henry VIII granted it to Thomas Holt (p206)Thomas Holt of Gristlehurst was granted a presentation by Robert Langley of Agecroft (p73)
James Holt of Gristlehurst obtained the manor of Spotland etc. in Rochdale(p175).
Castleton estate sold to Robert Holt of Stubley by Henry VIII (p203) but like Stubley it descended to the Chethams and Winstanleys. 2 messuages in the Whalley township were sold to Robert Holt of Stubley, who then sold to Braddyl in the same year. Also Coldcoats which Robert sold to Anthony Watson (vol 6).
1543 Robert Holt of Stubley was receiving rent from Adam Belfield for land in Spotland also from Thomas Belfield in 1532(p218). Richard Molyneux purchased Alt Grange from Thomas Holt, to whom it had been granted by Henry VIII, following the confiscation of lands in 1537 (vol3 - Great Crosby).
1544 Robert Holt of Stubley made settlements in favour of his nephew Robert Holt the younger and Cecily his wife. Also a remainder to Alan Holt, younger brother of Robert Holt the elder(p223)
Thomas Holt of Gristlehurst sold part of the Cockersand Abbey lands which were not in his neighbourhood.(p203). Thomas Holt of Gristlehurst made a Knight (p175). Roger Holt married Jane, heir of Oliver Law, resulting in disputes over land (p147).
1545 William Holt, born at Ashworth, second son of Robert Holt (Rochdale/Ashworth) gained an MA at Cambridge and Brazenose college Oxford in 1572 - he was famous- Rome Society of Jesus see 1577 and 1587.(p178)
1546 Thomas Holt kt and Robert Langley granted 13 messuages, 4 cottages and land etc in Astley to William Leyland kt (Ref Lanc Fines p 39). To Thomas Leyland his heir they granted 25 messuages and land in Whittyngham, Assheley, Wheteley, Studdeley, Chepyn Thorneley and Lancaster(p40). Also (p 42) to William, his wife, and Thomas further land etc in Tyldyslet, Bedforth, Hyndley, Hamleton Preston and Overderwent. Alexander Radclyff kt remitted all right to Arthur Holt, Lawrence and Henry Smythhurst, to 4 messuages,2 cottages and land in Loumals (Loumax, par.Bury) on payment of 20.
1549 Robert Holt and Walter N granted to John Deyne and Ellen his wife 5 messuages and land in Billington.(Ref Lanc Fines p 72)
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