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This is a summary in date order of the information contained within the wills recorded in Rochdale Library. Wills are a great source of major bequests to close relatvies, personal estate assets and liabilites. Wills can provide:-

  • an indication of wealth and lifestyle of a person
  • names and relationships of other relatives such as spouses, children, grandchildren, cousins, nephews, nieces etc
  • details of family skeletons such as illegitimate children
  • the marital status of a daughter and marriage details by giving her husband's surname

Letters of Administration can also be helpful for deaths where the deceased left no will.
Wills with entries of amusing/historical interest
1610 Adam Holt to his wife Marie - that bed which was given to me when I married her.
Also 1 silver spoon.
To Henrie Holt - his hackneye saddle
1626 Roger Holt to his eldest daughter - 1 brown cow, I bed and 1 chest
to his son in-law - 1 blue jerkin and 1 pair of breeches
1663 Roger Holt to his wife Jennett and the child that is in her womb - all his goods
1718 John Holt to his wife - all her wearing apparel, her spinning wheel and 2 pair of stock cards, 1 desk which was her own before marriage, 2 bibles and 1sermon book. Also 1 chest which she lays her clothes in, plus 10 and a third of the residue. To his son - all his wearing apparel, books, 1chest, 1 desk and 2 thirds of the residue.
1752 Mary Holt to her daughter Alice - her best gown and coat
to her daughter Mary - 1 of her handkerchiefs and her woollen clothes
to her daughters Ann and Alice - her linen clothes

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