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This is a summary in date order of the information contained within. The wills recorded in Rochdale Library. Wills are a great source of major bequests to close relatvies, personal estate assets and liabilites.
May 1852 James Holt, gentleman Rochdale
Dec 1854 James Holt, stonemason Rochdale
Feb 1857 James Holt,mechanic Bury Admin
May 1857 Mary Holt, widow 30 Greengate Salford who died 22 August 1857 at Greengate aforesaid was proved at Manchester by the oath of Mary Holt of Greengate aforesaid spinster the daughter and the sole executrix
3.12.1858 James Holt,engraver to calico printers Manchester late of Chorlton Cum Hardy in the county of Lancaster, gentleman, deceased who died 9 Nov 1858 at Chorlton Cum Hardy, will was proved at Manchester by oaths 3 Dec 1858 of John Holt of 11 St Johnís manufacturer , the grandson the execters. Effects under £20,000.
28.4.1860 James Holt,butcher Cheetham Street, Rochdale deceased who died 20 Mar 1860 at Cheetham Street, aforside was proved at Manchester by Oaths 28 Apr 1860 of Ann Holt of Cheetham Street, widow the relect and Ellen. Effects under £1,500.
10.10.1821 Benjamin Holt,Weaver
son and next of kin of James woollen weaver and widower of Newbold,Rochdale,deceased 8.6.1812
Newbold,Rochdale value under £100 signatories were James Whitehead, Abraham Whatmough and X for Benjamin (could not write)
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