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This is a summary in date order of the information contained within. The wills recorded in Rochdale Library. Wills are a great source of major bequests to close relatvies, personal estate assets and liabilites.
Prior to 1600
1544 William Holt
Merchant tailor
Watling St London born in Rochdale Sir Thomas Holt Kt.,uncles Thomas and Henry, Richard Holt tailor London.
1554 Robert Holt of Stubley Stubley Eliza, R d Holt, Roger Holt, nephew Rt. Holt, James Holt, witness Henry Holt. Burial in Rochdale in chancel of church with other Holts
1556 Robert Holt of Stubley Stubley Richard Holt, Henry Holt, Reg Holt,James and John Holt,uncle Rt.Holt,d Alice. Charles Holt if he marries Roberts d Marie, if not Charles`s brother, wife Sicilie. Burial in Rochdale in chancel of church with other Holts
15.2.1559 Robert Holt, gentleman Ashworth wife Jane, 4 children -William,Ciscelye,Dorothie and Elizabeth. James Holt,Hugh Holt,sons Robt Holt,William Holt, Sir Thomas Holt,Francis Holt. Burial in church at Middleton
1561 Robert Holt of Stubley Stubley wife Isabell,son Fraunce?,d Elin and Margery,brothers Roger, Richard and Charles, Mary Holt,(Robert Holt the younger now deceased) John Holt, Henry Holt. Burial in chancel at Rochdale
1562 Sir Thomas Holt of Gristlehurst Gristlehurst sons Francis and Raffe, wife Dorothy, grandson Thomas. Robert Holt, Hugh Holt
1579 Adam Holte Tuneclyffe, Rochdale wife Elizabeth, Thomas Holt son of Alen Holt, Adam and Thomas sons of Edmund Holt, Elizabeth, Margaret and Margery d. of Hugh Holt. Margaret d of Hendrye Holt
1582 Edmund Hoult Kyrckehold Rachdall Robert, Adam and Oliver Holt.Nephews James and Edmund. Debts owed to him by John, Roger and Thomas Holt(among others). Burial Rochdale churchyard
1584 John Holte Wolstenholme, Spotland wife Alice, 7 children- James, Jane,(torn),Elizabeth, Margaret, Grace and Emen. Debts owed to him by Robte Holt (among others) . Burial Rochdale churchyard
1593 Thomas Holt, Husbandman Whytfeld, Rochdale wife Janne, son John, d Elizabeth (witness Robert Holt) He owed William Holt, Edmunde Holt and others
1595 Charles Holt, Yeoman Nadene, Spotland sons Francis and Richard, d Jane and Elizabeth, grandchildren -Charles William and Janne. Burial in Rochdale churchyard
1597 Frauncis Holte Grestlehurste
1599 Richard Holte, Yeoman Deplaysshill, Castleton son Henrie, Richard son of Robte Holt Richard son of Roger Holt, Issabell, Margrett and Jane Tenant of John Holt of Stubley. Buried Rochdale church
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