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This is a summary in date order of the information contained within. The wills recorded in Rochdale Library. Wills are a great source of major bequests to close relatvies, personal estate assets and liabilites.
1750 Mary Holt Rochdale
28.4.1750 Arthur Holt, collier Hundersfield wife Ann, son Joshua, grandchildren James and Mary,other children Ann,James.Mary, John, Robert,Arthur,Thomas, Alice and Hannah.Grandchild Betsy
1.4.1751 Elizabeth Holt, Innholder Hors Mill, Rochdale d Martha and grandchildren
1.6.1751 Francis Holt, yeoman Messuages and lands in Blakely,Manchester Also houses in Rochdale Lower Place Green Rochdale Robert Holt of Lowerhey, clothier Francis Holt of Lowerplace clothier Thomas son of John Holt Rochdale innkeeper, Alice Holt
1752 John Holt Blackwater St.Rochdale sons William and John;d Mary, Ann and Sarah; wife Sarah
16.3.1752 Martha Holt, Innholder she had a phew in Rochdale Church Horsmill, Rochdale aunt Mary Holt;cousin John; Francis Holt, and Elizabeth a d of William Holt
13.10.1752 Mary Holt,widow
son William named as an executor but died in 1751 (total under 30)
Rochdale d Alice, Mary, Ann Holt wife of Henry Holt, sons James, Thomas, William and Edward.
28.11.1754 Richard Holt,yeoman he owned the freehold on many messuages some occupied by Holts, Robert,Henry, Richard, Edmund and Thomas. Henry H occupied a messuage in Spotland. Rochdale.Spotland sons Richard and Arthur both under 21 and John -freeholds. Wife Mary and 7 daughters. Also, grandchildren 1s each, William Holt and Ann, John Holt and Sarah.
18.5.1755 William Holt, Innkeeper Rochdale (Spotland) brother Edward,sons Charles, John and James;d Mary,Margaret and Jane
10.9.1761 Alice Holt Browns in Spotland No Holts named
April 1765 Robert Holt Lancaster Will proved by The Preogative Court of Canterbury
28.9.1771 Robert Holt, yeoman Trub in Castleton half Brothers Roger Holt and John Holt, neice Ann, James Holt of Greave
1772 Frances Holt Rochdale
1772 Thomas Holt Rochdale
26.8.1774 James Holt, yeoman Hugh mill, Rochdale sons James and Charles, sister Judith.
14.12.1774 Thomas Holt, yeoman Rochdale land in Spotland wife Martha, d Mary
1775 John Holt Rochdale
18.9.1776 Edmund Holt, yeoman. He had rental income Clegswood, Butterworth brother James (of Black at hill Butterworth), sIsters Mary and Sarah nephew John Holt and Edmund his son,Edmund Holt of Little Cleg a weaver and James his son.
1.7.1776 Robert Holt, Cloth Maker Lower Place,Rochdale wife Phebe, son James, grandson Robert
6.11.1777 John Holt,cloth dresser Newgate,Rochdale sons Cornelius, John, Edmund and Thomas; daughters Elizabeth and Mary.
23.2.1778 John Holt, yeoman Stubby Lee,Rochdale wife Alice; also living at Stubby Lee,William Holt and James Holt tradesmen.
2.7.1778 John Holt, husbandman
messuages and land
Church Lane,Castleton daughters Ellen and Ann, nephew John Taylor
3.4.1779 William Holt, clothier woollen manufacturer fulling mill Stubbyloo, Rochdale brother James (partner in woollen manufacture business), wife Betty and 4 children not named. Will proved by The Preogative Court of Canterbury.
1780 Martha Holt Rochdale
8.7.1784 Francis Holt, merchant Lowerplace Castleton wife Elizabeth, nephew Robert (son of brother Robert) under 600
24.5.1787 Robert Holt Hundersfield,Chapman wife Isabel, children James, Robert, John and Mary.
28.2.1788 John Holt, merchant Toad Lane, Rochdale wife Mary,brother Robert sons Robert,John and Francis, d Susan,Betty,Margaret,Mary; Grandson John Ashton
1789 James Holt Wardleworth
7.1.1790 James Holt, labourer Wardleworth,Rochdale neice Esther, sisters Mary, Betty and Ann.
1790 Mary Holt Rochdale
1791 Elizabeth Holt Castelton
10.12.1792 Elizabeth Holt Lowerplace,Castleton sister Mary,neice Betty and her children.
23.12.1793 James Holt, cloth dresser Packer Meadow,Castleton sons John,Robert and Edmund;d Pheoby,Mary and Susan.Wife not named.
14.4.1794 Robert Holt, owned messuages and lands Yorkshire St,Rochdale wife Ellin, d.Lucy, Mary, Sarah and Betty
16.4.1795 Mary Holt,spinster Heir of Thomas Holt Merchant deceased Rochdale James Holt son of late uncle James of Greave
1795 John Holt Rochdale
2.7.1798 John Holt,woollen weaver Hamer Mill Lane End Hundersfield sons Thomas, John, James, Edmund and Jacob.
1798 Thomas Holt Rochdale
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