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This is a summary in date order of the information contained within. The wills recorded in Rochdale Library. Wills are a great source of major bequests to close relatvies, personal estate assets and liabilites.
1702 Edmund Holt Rachdall
26.5.1704 Edmund Holt, husbandman and Elder of Whitfaild in Hundersfield Hundersfield sons Robert,Edmund, James,Thomas, Jeremy and grandson James
31.1.1711 James Holt, yeoman
had Hue mill and Fuller mill
Brimrod, Castleton sons Thomas, John and Daniell;wife wife Mary.
1712 Richard Holte Dearnley
1712 Thomas Holte Castleton
7.2.1714 Thomas Holt, husbandman Balderstone,Castleton brother John, wife Susan
31.3.1715 Mary Holt,widow Rochdale brother James Mathew and d Elizabeth and Alice
25.10.1716 Richard woollen weaver Dearnley Hundersfield James H of Hundersfield, brothers John, Thomas, Robert,sisters Mary, Martha,Sarah. Margaret - Richards sister. Cousins Thomas H and Martha
17.5.1718 John Holt. yeoman Coptroad, Spotland wife Martha, son John of Broadhaulgh, son Edmund
1719 John Holt, yeoman Castleton sons Isaac, James and Hugh
1720 John Holt, yeoman
owned Hue Mill
Rochdale nephew Jon Holt
1736 Daniel Holt Rochdale
25.11.1740 Robert Holt, yeoman Spotland wife Alice Admon.
2.5.1741 Jacob Holt, Innkeeper Rochdale wife Elizabeth, son Jacob, d. Martha executor Thomas H etc
4.8.1741 James Holt Rochdale Broker brother Robert (a Middlesex yeoman),wife Mary, children Thomas, James, Samuel, Robert and Elizabeth.
23.1.1745 Richard Holt Butts in Hundersfield Rochdale brothers William, Henry, Oliver; nephews -Robert(Henry Holt's son) and Robert(Oliver Holt's son), Richards wife and his neices.
31.1.1746 Alice Holt, widow she had a pew in Rochdale church Rochdale Henry Holt (relationship not given) and Robert son of Oliver Holt. Witness William Holt
1746 William Holt Rochdale
23.12.1748 James Holt,Wolin weaver Whitfield, Rochdale sons John, Edmund, James, Robert;d Jane, Mary, Ann, Betty;wife Alice.
1748 Thomas Holt Rochdale
8.8.1748 Daniel Holt, cloth dresser Rochdale wife Mary, brothers William, Cornelius, John and sister Elizabeth
1749 Arthur Holt Rochdale
1749 Elizabeth Holt Rachdale
23.1.1749 Thomas Holt, yeoman Rachdale sons John yeoman, Francis and Robert, d. Ann, wife Mary. Executors son John and cousin Francis Holt
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