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History of Lancashire

This is a summary in date order of the information contained within the Victoria History of the County of Lancaster. It was published in 1906 and consists of eight volumes describing the inhabitants of the county which was taken from actual documentary evidence. References are to Volume 4 of History of Lancashire unless otherwise stated
1300 - 1399
1290 Henry de Holt gave a barn to the abbot of Stanlaw, which Peter de Chester had held for life(Vol.6 p505)
1311 John del Holt was a tenant of 1 oxgang of land paying 2s 3d - Read Manor in Clitheroe. He held lands in Read and Simonstone. This passed to his son John in 1330. In 1333 he granted leave to the monks of Whalley to quarry stone in all the wastes of Read. 1350 John was given a messuage and land in Read by Adam de Read. (vol 6 p503) He also aquired land in Townley named The Holt (vol 6 P506)
1317 Robert de Holt and Agnes his wife were given a messuage and land to hold for life by Peter Radcliffe, father of Agnes, in Jordan houstead (vol 6 p 401). Also a mesuage and land in Chirche was granted to him and his wife by Roger de Cattelow on rendering a rose annually. (Ref Lanc.Fines 1308-1377)
1320 Henry, son of Thomas de Holt, gave a release to John de Holt (vol.6 p505) A survey showed Geoffrey, son of Hugh del Holt was a 'free' tenant of a messuage and 5 acres in Shaw Head, Heaton, rent 8d: also Hugh del Holt regarding a messuage and 18 acres in Heaton area, rent a pair of gloves and 1/4 oxgang of land, rent 4d(p324)
1329 After the death of John de Holt, who had a messuage and land in Read, an enquiry found that his heir was a son William aged 26, but this must refer to another Holt family. (vol.6 p505)
1330 Geoffrey, son of John del Holt, 1330 and 1337 was granted land in Stakehill and Gooden (p222). In 1353 he purchased 1/6 portion of the manor of Rochdale. Stubley old hall, on the south side of the road between Rochdale and Littleborough, 3/4 mile from Littleborough, was the seat of the Holt family. He was killed at Spotland in 1372 - shot with arrows.
1331 John de Holt of Colne and another of Read contributed to the subsidy of 32/33.
1342 John, son of John de Simonstone, granted lands in Mikerode, Littlerode and Oldhey to Adam del Holt and Maud his wife (vol 6 p499)
1345 Geoffrey, son of John del Holt gained, on payment of 40 marks, the right for him and his heirs to lands in Bury afterwards called the manor of Chesham (p222 also Lanc Fines 1308-1377). Also in 1355 John and son Roger appear in a claim to lands in Tottington.
1346 Salford hundred - Roger Kay was charged with having cut down John del Holts trees.
1349 Hugh del Holt acquired Ashworth through marriage to Maud Ashworth.
1351 John del Holt of Salfordshire and his sons Geoffrey and Roger were among the defendants in the Pilkingtons claim for the manor of Bury.
1370 Hugh del Holt, brother of Geoffrey, son of John, granted lands in Bury and Middleton to son Robert and some to younger sons Hugh and John
1382 Case brought by Maud widow of Hugh de Holt of Ashworth (p265).
1385 John Chesynhale del Holt on receiving 10 marks remitted all right to a rood of land and a messuage in Wrightyngton to William de Hexham. John del Holt senior paid fines for various writs of different dates (Ref Lanc Fines p 59)
1386 John del Holt of Chesham died. His heir was Robert a grandson, son of his own son Geoffrey.
1388 Robert, son of Geoffrey, was granted to him and his heirs messuages and lands in Hundersfield, (a parish of Rochdale) Spotland, Middleton, Bury and Henton Norris.(Ref Lanc Fines p 31) Robert probably died 1401 re guardianship claim by Greenhaighs re his heir.
1395 John de Holt was granted the manors at Ashworth and Rochdale.
1397 John del Holt (chaplain) granted 3messuages and land in Bury and Totynton to Henry and Alice Greenhalgh (Ref Lanc. Fines p 52)
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