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History of Lancashire

This is a summary in date order of the information contained within the Victoria History of the County of Lancaster. It was published in 1906 and consists of eight volumes describing the inhabitants of the county which was taken from actual documentary evidence. References are to Volume 4 of History of Lancashire unless otherwise stated
1450 - 1499
1465 Oliver, son of Richard, son of Hugh Holt, married Constance, daughter of James, son of Ralph Holt of Gristlehurst. (Richard was probably dead.)p178
1470 James Holt married Isabel Abram, who inherited some lands (p112). Land in Great Crosby was aquired through marriage by Wilkin Holt but a claim for half by Richard Johnson and William Holt was sworn before William Blundell and Robin Holt(vol 3)
1477 James Holt's daughter, Constance, contracted to marry Oliver Holt of Ashworth p175.
1478 Hugh was refeoffed of all his lands with remainders to Oliver, son of Richard Holt, to William and Jordan brothers of Richard and to Adam Holt p178.
1481 James Holt, son of Ralph, married to Isobel Abram, inherited lands from her. They regained the free tenement in Abraham of messuages and land from John Abraham (Ref Lanc Fines p139) Ditton, in Ditchfield Deeds, one quarter of the commons was allotted to Henry Holt and Hugh Tyldesley (vol 3).
1482 Allan Holt and 2 others demanded the manor of Shotilworth and 7 messuages etc in Hapton,Huncote and Clyderowe from William Talbot and Alice (Ref Lanc Fines p139)
1487 James Holt and Isabel, Henry Byram and Constance received lands at Handley nr Chester, Latchford, Ringey, Hale, Stockport and Stoke (p152).
1490 Roger Holt of Bury was son of Henry Holt of Bridge p137
1494 Thomas Holt died holding messuages and land in Little Wardle, Hundersfield, Spotland and Butterworth. His son and heir Robert was13 yrs old, under wardship of James Stanley, clerk p223. (Spotland lands were later occupied by Richard Belfield - knights service p206.)
Robert Holt added purchase of Castleton (part of confiscated Whalley lands) and died 1554 p223.
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