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History of Lancashire

This is a summary in date order of the information contained within the Victoria History of the County of Lancaster. It was published in 1906 and consists of eight volumes describing the inhabitants of the county which was taken from actual documentary evidence. References are to Volume 4 of History of Lancashire unless otherwise stated
1600 - 1649
1600 A minor Holt family was in occupation of Naden (p207).
1601 John Holt (see 1592) made a settlement of manors of Naden and Chesham (p223). 1601-1614 lands in Butterworth held of John Holt (p219). A pedigree was recorded of J Holt in 1613.
1603 Thomas Holt settlement re manor of Gristlehurst for his use, passing eventually to Katherine Holt, wife of the younger Francis, with remainder to heirs male. (p175).
1604 Will of Francis Holt approved - heir Thomas Holt Gristlehurst (p175).
1605 John Holt had lands in Butterworth (p232).
1606 William Holt born, son of Robert Holt`s second wife Dorothy. His first wife was Mary (p178).
1608/9 Robert Holt died (p178).
1609 Thomas Holt died - heir son Francis age 24 Gristlehurst (p175). A settlement mentions James, William and Theophilus Holt, sons of Francis who himself died in 1617 (p175).
Catherine Holt ,widow of Francis Holt was given lands in Failsworth, Manchester.(p273)
A survey shows John Holt with farm land at Deadwenclough (vol 6 p436)
1610 John Holt of Stubley with others was a plaintiff re the manor of Blackley etc (p255).
1611 A further case re Blackley (p255).
1613 Thomas Holt of Gristlehurst, in the inquisition taken after the death of Henry Byrom, held lands in Abram (p112).
1617 Francis Holt died - heir son James age17
1618 Thomas Holt of York reputed to be the architect of the schools at Oxford and Merton and Wadham Colleges. "He was the first to introduce the classical orders in series above each other" (Gwilt Ency.of Archit. p214). Robert Holt, John Greenhaigh and Robert Heyward were patrons of A.Assheton (p158).Mary wife of Richard Holt of Ashworth buried at Middleton (p178). Richard Holt of Ashworth came of age. He married in 1614 and again in 1618 (p178).
1619 Richard`s son Richard born. Land in Spotland the tenure of John Holt Stubley and Sir John Byron younger (p209)
1620 John Holt of Stubley a High Sheriff of Lancashire. Richard Holt the father died (p178).
1621 Oliver, a grandson of Robert Holt, held Stubley/Chadwick lands of John Holt and James Holt (p208). Adam Holt Stubley died (p205).
1622 Death of John Holt of Stubley, holding manors of Naden and Chesham (p131). He had contributed to the subsidy for his lands (p147). Son by second marriage Robert 20 yrs inherited the estates was in possession in 1626 (p223).
1623 James Holt died without issue, his brother William had died before him. The heir was Theophilus 14yrs (Gristlehurst) (p175). Robert Holt of Stubley had lands in Brandwood (p212)
Balderston Hall named as the residence of Charles Holt who died in 1628. It passed to John Holt in 1628. Mary Holt, widow of Samuel Holt had for some years received the rents from this and other land.
1624 Robert Holt died, first wife Agnes Gartside -see 1566, second wife Clemence in 1609 (p178). He was patron of churches/chapels at Radcliffe and Middleton (p66).
1625 There was a grant of tenure of ploughlands to Edward Holt and 3 others, all of whom were trustees of Sir Edward Molyneux.(vol 3)
1626 Robert Holt grandson of Charles Holt of Stubley - 121 acres in Spotland, a messuage and a manor house (p207),Castleton house and moor,Gorehill and Deeplish (p203),and Balderstone (p204). Balderstone Lower Place held by Robert Holt a gift from his great grandfather, Thomas Holt. He was the son of Adam Holt (p205). Charles Holt who was the son of John Holt who had the hall at Balderstone, had lands in Castleton (p204). Theophilus Holt had only 197 acres in Spotland (p207).In Worstenholme - some lands were held by Gristlehursts and some by Stubleys. Theophilus 149 acres, Richard son and heir of Robert Holt of Ashworth had 142 acres held of the Ashtons of Middleton (p210). Robert Holt had St Marys Croft in Falings (p210) and Ugshot (p211). Theeophilus Holt had 154 acres in Falings, land in Whitworth 7 Rossendale/Brandwood (p211). Robert Holt had 109 acres in Clegg inherited from John Holt of Stubley (p221).
Lord Strange married Charlotte de la Tremouille, a granddaughter of William of Nassau, Prince of Orange. She was of Protestant nobility. They lived at Latham and Knowsley. He was for the King in the Civil war(vol 3).
1626 About this time Robert Holt abandoned Stubley for Castleton and acquired the manor of Marland (p223).
1628 Death of Charles Holt of Balderstone (p204). Death of Theophilus Holt. Gristlehurst was in his mothers hands until Thomas Posthumus born 6 weeks after his fathers death (p175)
1631 George Holt of Chamber in Rossendale, in the Wolfenden part of Higher Booths paid 10 as composition(?) for declining a Knighthood (vol 6).
1635 Francis Holt held land in Townley(vol 8 p108)
1638 "The Holt" at Milnrow still occupied (p218).
1639 Under the shrievalty of Robert Holt of Castleton a High Sheriff, the levy of "ship money" ( ie taxes for King James I), resulted in many of the Head Constables of the hundreds excusing themselves from bringing an assessment on some pretext or other. James I was midway between the Puritans and the Catholics, his wife was RC. The queens influence may have affected the protection afforded to the Lancashire recusants from the unjust imposition of fines.
1640 Robert Holt of Castleton was still the High Sheriff of Lancashire. Lord Derby was summoned to raise an army against the rebel Scots. Royalist Robert Holt and others were dismissed from the commission - ref. Com. Journ. 24 Oct 1641
Robert Holt baptised, a son of RIchard Holt of Deepelish Hill, Rochdale (HR p251). Another of this family was John Holt of Deepelish Hill who was proved in 1660,
1642 Most people on side of parliament in Puritan districts. Richard Holt of Stubley and Castleton and other gentry joined Kings side, but made peace with parliament early. Robert Holt of Stubley joined the king`s forces under the influence of the Earl of Derby and served in North Wales (p224). There was more than one Robert Holt engaged in the Civil was on the side of the King which makes identification difficult (HR p307) A Peter Holt (probably the Captain Holt of Bury) defended Bolton against Lord Derby. (p137).
1643 Peter Holt married Elizabeth, widow of Henry Kelly of Manchester (p137).
1644 Roger, Peter`s son married (p137).
1645 Richard Holt of Ashworth returned ill after the second defence of Latham for the King. His estates were sequestered and he was fined. He then took the National Covenance Negative Oath and took no further part (p179). Robert Holt of Stubley surrendered, took the National Covenant and Negative Oath, and compounded, his fine being 1150 (p224).
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