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History of Lancashire

This is a summary in date order of the information contained within the Victoria History of the County of Lancaster. It was published in 1906 and consists of eight volumes describing the inhabitants of the county which was taken from actual documentary evidence. References are to Volume 4 of History of Lancashire unless otherwise stated
1400 - 1449
1405 Hugh de Holt and brother William - feoffers granted them an annual rent on death of Maud and John de Holt p178
1408 The Holt in Townley mentioned in connection with Margery de Holt (vol 6 p 506)
1414 Balderstone lands in Castleton passed to James del Holt (son of Geoffrey del Holt) p204
1419 Balderstone settled on Henry del Holt (bastard), Elizabeth and Agnes. Henry died in 1520 without male issue p.204
1424 Greenbooths in Spotland granted to Geoffrey son of John de Holt p209. James Holt , Justice of the peace for Lancashire, was sent with Ralph Redcliffe, also a JP by the sheriff to keep order in a violent feud between Thomas Stanley and Sir Richard Molyneux (p12).
1425 James del Holt paid fines re final concords (Ref Lanc Fines p 124)
1427 James Holt had land in Heaton Norris (p324).Richard de Holt acquired lands on marriage to Ellen, daughter of Henry ?(see vol 3)
1428 Robert del Holt of Chesum named re final concords (p131 also Lanc Fines)
1429 Robert del Holt of Totlington complained of stolen cows
1435 Alice, widow of Robert del Holt named in final concords (Ref Lanc Fines p127)
NB at this time there were more than one Robert del Holts
1441 Ralph Holt claimed 2 messuages, 60 acres etc in Bury and Middleton against Thomas son of William Key.
1445 John Holt of the Bridge, also had Stakehill, agreed with John Clegg re marriage of his son Henry Holt to Margery, daughter. The deed also mentions lands formerly held by Henry Holt and Margery in Bury and Middleton p137.
1445 Oliver, son of John Holt of Hundersfield charged with having maltreated Alice, wife of John Clegg.p219
1447 A demonstration at Fieldhouse, part of Buckley lands was hostile to Ralph Holt.p226
1448 Hugh Holt fined and outlawed - sons Thurston and William mentioned p178
1449 Gristlehurst already held by Ralph Holt by inheritance. He was married to Ellen. The Gristlehurst Holts held large portions of monastic estates p175. Ralph Holt was father of Sir Thomas Holt of Gristlehurst, who obtained large grants of the estates of Cockersand Abbey etc from Henry VII p175
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