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Stubbylee Hall

Stubbylee Hall is situated in Stubbylee Park, accessed from New Line, a road leading from Newchurch Road, Bacup towards Whitworth and Rochdale near Manchester and was the seat of the Holt Family an offshoot of the Holts of Grizzlehurst. Erected near to or on the site of another house of 16 or 17 century where the Holden family lived. Thomas Holt of Stidd (second son of Francis Holt of Gristlehurst) set up a lease dated 1 May 1606 to Richard Holden. Thomas Posthumous Holt grandson of Francis Holt sold Stubbylee to Edmund Barker of Greenhurst, who resold it to Richard Holden who sold it to James Holt of Stubbeylee, woollen manufacturer. John Holt settled in Stubbylee in about 1750. On 26 December 1856 James Maden Holt Esq. M.A. J.P., a justice of the Peace, succeeded to the estate. James Maden Holt sat in the House of Commons from 1868 for 12 years as an Independent Conservative. For more details about the life of James Maden Holt click here.
The Stubbylee mansion was built in 1808 of stone about half a mile from the populous town of Bacup. The hall includes a centre porch of Ionic engaged columns, flanking curved bays, and a domed staircase. James Maden Holt occupied the hall until his death in 1911 and bequeathed Stubbylee Hall and grounds to Bacup. The park was presented to the Bacup Corporation for the cost of 2,832. The Holt estates originally covered all the south side of the river Irwell from Cowpe across Brandwood Moor to Shawforth and thence to Sharneyford.
Stubbylee Hall
Stubbylee Hall, Bacup
Stubbylee Hall
Map of Stubbylee Hall, Bacup 1890
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