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Gristlehurst Hall

Stood on the western edge of the Simpson Clough. Until the end of the 16th century the mansion of Grislehurst rested in seclusion.
Ralph Holt obtained the estate by marriage in 1449. The hall was a large half timbered house with 13 hearths. The high fireplaces had chimney place beams that were carved with armorial crests. Now hardly any evidence remains at Gristlehurst farm. The house had gables ends and long casements (hinged window). Grizelhurst had 127 acres (if calculated as a customary acre, which was not necessarily the statute acre of 4,840 square yards thoughout Britain, but often a variable unit known as the customary acre, in lancashire, it amounts to 250 statute) of pasture and 42 acres of timber.
Gristlehurst Hall Francis Holt of Grislehust was high sheriff of Lancashire in 1575. The Holts of Gristlehurst married well thus this gave them a position and rank not enjoyed by the elder branches of the house. The estate was held by heirs and was squandered away by Thomas Postumus Holt by 1679.
To read more about the Holts of Gristlehusrst, Click here for a chapter of local family history. A letter with details of the ancestry of Chief-Justice Holt is interesting to read
Articles from the Bury Times looking at the archeological dig to find Gristlehurst Hall. A new archaeological dig took place in 2008 by the Bury Archaeological Group.The excavations revealed the foundations of a stone and timber building ancillary to the hall dating from the early 16th century. Possibly built by Sir Thomas Holt when he replaced the medieval house. The dig found a wine bottle seal from a mid 17th century context. It bears a stylized Holt of Gristlehurst crest - a hand holding an inverted ptieon and the initials T.H which we take to refer to Thomas "Posthumous" Holt who died virtually intestate near Tattenhall in Cheshire in 1679. taken by Bury Archaelogical GroupPhoto taken by Bury Archaelogical Group
A re-used stone built into the north gable of the present farmhouse. The initials FH probably belong to Francis Holt who died in 1604.
taken by Bury Archaelogical Group
In the location of the orginial Gristlehurst Hall stands today the building below.
Gristlehurst Hall Gristlehurst Hall
Gristlehurst Hall back
Gristlehurst Hall Gristlehurst Hall
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