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Actual documentary evidence and references.
History Probate and Wills
Alumni Palatine Note-books
Holt Name Maps and Houses
Visitations and Pedigrees Lineage and Heraldry
fler The Victoria History of the County of Lancaster 1906-1914 8 volumes
fler The history of the parish of Rochdale in the county of Lancaster, Henry Fishwick. Rochdale 1889
fler A Lancashire Family, 19: Holt of Standish and the city of London, Marion Holledge, from Lancashire Family History and Heraldy Society included pedigree, 16-18thc.- magazine of Lancs vol 9 Feb 88, P19-28. No 1.
fler Holt of Standish, from Lancashire Family History Society Magazine, V9 Nov 1988
fler Sir John Holt: likely descent of a 17th century Lord Chief Justice from Grizlehurst Holts Marion Holledge p 18-21
fler William Holt , the Jesuit priest p 208-209 Dictionary of National Biography
fler The Lancashire Gentry and the Great Rebellion 1640-60 by B G Blackwood, Chetham Society TS25 p21, 37, 48, 49, 60, 61, 68, 69, 84, 85, 86, 87, 92, 93, 98, 99, 104, 105, 114, 128, 129, 148, 149
fler David 'Quaker' Holt, p39-43, The Manchester Genealogist, M and LFHS
fler Ancestry of Chief Justice Holt, p155-156, Herald and Genealogist, edited by John Gough Nichols, volume the second, 1865
fler The Royalist Composition Papers, County of Lancaster AD1643-1660 vol III G-H edited J H Stanning MA, The Record Society volume XXIX, 1896
fler A history of the original parish of Whalley and Honour of Clitheroe in the counties of Lancaster and York (Chetham's 4/1045) p.254, 454-458 Thomas Dunham Whitaker 3rd ed. 1818.
fler This History of the county Palatine and Duchy of Lancaster. Edward Baines Senior. The biographical department by W R Whatton with the addition of John Harland and the Rev: Brooke Hereford. New, revised and enlarged edition, with the family pedigree (omitted in the 2nd Edition) corrected throughout. Edited by James Corston 1888 --1893 5.v (Chetham's 4/921) volume III
fler A brief history of the Holts inhabiting Stubley Hall, near Littleborough and Castleton Hall, south of Rochdale, for nearly 3 centuries. Family History Society of Cheshire journal 8(3)., 1979 p12-15
fler Notitia Cestriensis of historical notices of the diocese of Chester, Rev Francis Gastrell. Rev F R Raines 1845 vol II part 1 p 10-11, 16-17, 30-31, 36-37, 42-43, 80-81, 96-97, 100-105, 122123, 126-129, 132-133, 136-137, 142-143, 156-157 Chetham Society publication
fler Lancashire Inquisitions, The Record Society, vol 1, vol 2 vol 3
fler Sir John Holt, Ref.: Stuart England by J P Kenyon, Penguin Books Ltd, London 1978 p.257-258, 305, 312
fler Lancashire 1855 Slater's Directory CD, 586-587
fler 1822 Trade Directory of Principal Cities and London Bankers CD, Stepping Stones.
fler Lancashire 1824/25 Baines Directory CD. History, directory and gazetteer of the county Palatine of Lancaster by Edward Baines vol II
fler The History of Lancashire 1825 by J Corry Vol I and II
fler Pigot's Directory Pigot and Co. CD Lancashire 1828/9
fler Forty Miles Around Mancester, Aikin 1795 CD
fler The History of the County Palatine and Duchy of Lancashire Baines 1868 CD
fler Return of Owners of Land 1873 Lancashire CD
fler Lewis's Directory of Manchester and Salford - 1788 CD
fler Old and New Rochdale and it's People by William Robertson 1881 CD
fler The Journal of Nicholas Assheton volume 14 first series, The Chetham Society
fler A Guide to Legendary Britain by Jennifer Westwood,1985 p261-263
fler A Picture of Manchester by Joseph Aston, 1816
fler The World Book of Holts,1988, Burke's Peerage
fler J A Green, Heywood Notes and queries March 1905-1909 4v reprinted from the 'Heywood Advertiser' 1905-1908 (Chetham's 4/983) Volume I p135-142, 148-152,190-194 Holts of Ashworth Hall, The Holts of Grizlehurst: vol 2 p 9-12 The Holts of Grizelhurst; a notable judge: vol 3 50-56 Thomas Holt of Gristlehurst and vol 4 p 7,17,27,72 ,178-181 Bridge Hall and the Holts
fler The Concise Dictionary of National Biography part 1 fron the beginning to 1900. Oxford University Press.p. 634-635
fler The Concise Dictionary of National Biography part 1 fron the beginning to 1900. Oxford University Press.p. 634-635
fler David Holt's Victorian Walks by Greater Manchester County Records Office
fler Modern English Biography by Frederic Boase Volume 1, 1892
fler Who Was Who a companion to Who's Who Adam and Charles Black, London vol 1 - vol 5 (1897 - 1960)
fler The Book of Dignities Joseph Hayden and Horace Ockerby third edition , 1894
fler The Knights of England, WMA Shaw published 1906 volume
fler Chambers biographical dictionary magnus magnusson p. 727
fler Collier's Encyclopedia vol 4, p 156
fler The Holts of Ashworth, The History of Ashworth near Rochdale, by HD Clayton p5-9, 30-31
fler Miscellany that includes two works: (1) The book of the abbot of Cobermere 1289-1529, and (2) The Exchequer lay subsidy roll of Robert de Shireburn and John de Radcliffe, taxers and collectors in the county of Lancaster, AD 1332. P83-85. The Record Society, 1896
fler Lancashire and Cheshire Funeral Certificates volume VI p. 74-75 The Record Society
fler The Pictorial History of the County of Lancaster published by George Routledge, London, 1854
fler The Book of Bacup By K.F.Bowden 1994
fler Lancashire Leaders: Social and Political by Ernest Gaskell approx 1907
fler Wrigley's Rochdale Household Almanack 1902
fler The Story of Littleborough by John Street
fler In Olden Days, Lancashire Legends by Rev.G.R.Oakley
fler Final Concords of the County of Lancashire, from the orginal chirographs, or feet or fines preserved in the public records office. Part 2 (volume XLVI 46), 3 (volume L 50) and 4 (volume LX 60).Relating to Lancashire and Cheshire Edited by William Farrar for The Record Society 1903
fler NS 71 The survey of the manor of Rochdale in the county of Lancaster, parcel of the possessions of the rt. worshipful Sir Robert Heath, knt., his majesty's attorney-general, made in 1626 (ed. Henry Fishwick, 1913).Chetham Society
fler Lord Burghley's Map of Lancashire 1590, 210-211 published Catholic Record Society Vol 4 (1907) edited J. Gillow
fler The Last Days of the Lancashire Monasteries and the Pilgramage of Grace by Christopher Haigh 1969 Chetham Society vol XVII - Third Series
fler Historical Publication - studies and documents 14. The disolution of the monasteries by Joyce Youings pub. 1971
fler The Manchester Genealogist p. 214 an early census 1552
fler Odyssey of an Edwardian Liberal the Political Diary of Richard Durning Holt, edited by David J Dutton, The Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire
fler Blue Funnel line, a brief history, web
fler National Portrait Gallery, Sir John Holt
fler A Literary and Biographical History, or Bibliographical Dictionary of the English Catholics by Joseph Gillow Vol III
fler History of Ribchester 1890 Tom Smith and Jonathan Short
fler History of Blackburn 1877 W A Abram
fler The High Sheriffs of Lancashire 1129-1947, web
fler Emily Sarah Holt, an evangelical novel by R. Cecil
fler England in the reigns of James II and William III by David Ogg 1984
fler Monarchy and Revolution, The Engligh State in the 1680s by J .R.Weston 1972
fler The Century of Revolution 1603-1714 by Christopher Hill 1969
fler Who’s Who in Stuart Britain by C.P.Hill 1988
fler Herald’s of England by Sir Anthony Wagner 1967
fler The English Jesuits From Campion to Martindale by Bernard Basset, S.J
fler The Reformation and the English People by J.J.Scarisbrick
fler The Life of the Right Honourable Sir John Holt, Knight, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King’s Bench by a Gentleman of the Inner Temple, London 1764.
fler Burrows, Constance Holt of Tottington: from a family bible Journal of Lancashire Family History and Heraldry Society 10 (4) 1989 28-9 Includes pedigree 15-20th c
fler Our Men of the Blue Funnel Line from Internet: www.cartar.com/papers/blue_funnel_line/the_blue_funnel_line.htm
fler Blue Funnel to China Merseyside Maritime Museum from Internet www.nmgm.org.uk/maritime/bluefunnel/index.html
fler The Holt Line by Barbara Helen Holt
fler The Owens Manuscript by John Owen volume 10 page 42, volume 12 page 1-41, volume 45 page 252 and volume 79 page 567 and 585
fler Holt Family deeds index for the coal mines in Castleton, Butterworth and Walsden 1584-1889 (ref DDX409) held at Lancashire Records Office.
fler Greater Manchester County Record Office E22 Holt family of Manchester boxes
fler "Mersey" magazine of the mersey dock board staffs guild vol IV the holt family p83-85
fler Annals of Rochdale 1898 Robert D Mattley
fler Memorials of Bygone Manchester
fler Kill the witch BBC History Magazine vol 6 No 5 May 2005
fler Manchester directories 1834,1836, 1832, 1830, 1804
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fler Probate Acts, Anno 1652, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Commonwealth Probates vol II p 88, 301 (1652-3) 1911 J and GF Matthews. Abstracts of Probate Acts in the PCC
fler Probate Acts, Anno 1652, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Commonwealth Probates vol 4 p 230 (1645-49) 1911 J and GF Matthews. Abstracts of Probate Acts in the PCC
fler Wills in the public records office, A list of wills, administration etc in the PRO, London 12-19th century. Magna Carta book co. 1968.
fler Index to PCC wills 750-1800 p 99 H-M Pub. Society of Genealogists, 1988.
fler Lancaster and Chester Wills and inventories from the Ecclesiastical court of Chester, Picope, series 3 Chetham Society, vol XXXIII p14-16, 52-54,90, 100-101
fler Lancaster and Chester Wills and inventories from the Ecclesiastical court of Chester, Picope, series 3, Chetham Society, vol LI p 87-89, 113-114, 136-138, 170-174
fler Lancaster and Chester Wills, and inventories from the Ecclesiastical court of Chester, Picope, series 3 Chetham Society, vol LIV p203, 223-224, 204-205, 268-272
fler PCC Wills index (1717-1845) English Origins indexs
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fler Alumni Orgienses, University of Oxford 1887, 1715-1886, Joseph Foster, vol I and II late Series p682-683
fler Alumni Orgienses, University of Oxford 1891, 1500-1714, Joseph Foster, vol I and II early Series p736-738
fler Alumni Cantabrigienses, University of Cambridge 1922, Part 1 from the earliest times to 1751, volume II, Dabbs-Juxton
fler Alumni Cantabrigienses, University of Cambridge 1947, Part 12 from 1752-1900, volume III, Gabb-Justamond
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fler The Palatine Note-book vol 1 for the counties of Lancashire and Cheshire April 1881 p71
fler The Palatine Note-book vol 1 for the counties of Lancashire and Cheshire august 1881 p139, 146-148
fler The Palatine Note-book vol 1 for the counties of Lancashire and Cheshire Dec 1881 p202-205
fler The Palatine Note-book vol 1 for the counties of Lancashire and Cheshire October 1881 p184
fler The Cheshire and Lancashire Palatine note-book, 4, Jan 1885 p 236-239 Gregg and the Holt Families brief pedigree 17-18thc.
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fler Topographical surnames p188-190, 195, 207, surnames in Salford Hundred, after 1500 p405-407, 409, 444, 447 English Surname Series IV. The surnames of Lancashire by Richard Mckinley pub 1981
fler Holt town names registration districts, grid ref., p 363, 364 population 1981
fler Homes of Family Names, Lancashire p234-249
fler An Anglo Saxon dictionary based on the manuscript collection of the late Joseph Bosworth DDFRS p551
fler The Holt Family History and Genealogy page, web holt.org
fler A dictionary of Mottoes, L G Pine
fler Elvin's handbook of Mottoes, C N Elvin
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fler A Brief outline of the Holt family (Holts of Rochdale) , complied by Walter Stott
fler The Holte, Holt Hall Raines Manuscript vol 1 p 214
fler 1910 Ordinance Survey map of Stubley New Hall
fler 1851 Ordinance Survey map of Gristlehurst and Ashworth
fler Old Map of Lancashire 1610
fler Rochdale Observer 17-11-93 The Glory that was once Castleton Hall
fler Rochdale Observer Old Buildings Round Rochdale 19-6-26 XCVI (96) Grizelhurst Farm
fler Rochdale Observer Old Buildings Round Rochdale 10-1-25 XXV (25) Ashworth Hall
fler Rochdale Observer Old Buildings Round Rochdale 19-9-25 LX (60) Castleton Hall
fler Rochdale Observer 21-6-00 It's hall over now for Stubley
fler Balderstone Hall Estate, The Old Mill by the Stream, Mansion for Sale by H M Haynes
fler DE Balderston II By Hannah Haynes and David A Tipper.The Balderstone Hall Estate page 5-7, 15
fler Bridge Hall Mills by Martin Tillmanns page 6-7
fler Cronton Origin and history , web
fler little mitton hall, online-homes.co.uk
fler Old Ordnance Survey Maps , Heap Bridge 1908
fler The History of Mitton Hall by Mitton Hall Country house hotel
fler Bury’s Oldest House Found in Heywood Heywood Advertiser 10 April 1959
fler Bury’s Oldest Domestic Building Heywoood Advertiser 8 May 1959
fler Flagstones may be from Grislehurst Hall Bury Times 22 March 1958
fler Lancashire Sketches by Edwin Waugh published by John Heywood 1852
fler Bury Archaeological Group excavations of Gristlehurst Hall
fler The Grand Old Mansion, The Holtes and Their Successors at Aston Hall 1618-1864 by Oliver Fairclough
fler Aston Hall A general Guide by Oliver Fairclough
fler Rochdale Observer 16-8-69 homes of Today. The hall where a room lay hidden
fler Round and about by George Drake Stubley Hall and the girl from the East
fler Rochdale Observer G S Flecter 1953 Stubley Hall, Littleborough
fler Lancashire magazine The spectre of old Stubley Hall nov/dec 1994
fler Property Market Stubley Old Hall
fler Lancashire Life April 1967 A hidden room of beauty
fler Grade II stubley Old Hall Littleborough district building entry
fler Village Life Can be better living Rochdale Roundabout by H C Collins
fler Rochdale Observer 15-7-1972 A straight line A traffic caused by cows
fler Rochdale Observer 10-8-1918 Park for Lowerplace Balderstone Hall estate purchases
fler Rochdale Household Almanack 1919 Balderstone Hall Estate
fler Heywood Notes and Queries vol4 part 47
fler Brian Meadowcroft Rochdale sites and Monuments Book Balderstone Halls
fler Sale of Balderstone new Hall
fler A Guide to the Country Houses of the North-West, John Martin Robinson 1991
fler Historical Middleton
fler Rochdale Retrospect R P Taylor
fler Hyde F.E. Blue Funnel: a history of Alfred Holt and Company of Liverpoolfrom 1865-1914
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fler Knights of Edward 1 p 236-237 Harlein Society's publication, 1929
fler Le Neve's pedigrees of knights p 336-337, Harlein Society's publication, 1873
fler Holt of Gristlehurst, Raines MSS vol 12 p.268
fler Holt of Stubley, Raines MSS vol3 p. 303
fler Thomas Benalt. The visitation of Lancaster and a part of Cheshire made in the 24 year of the reign of king Henry VIII AD1533. Edited by William Langton 1876-1882 2v. (4/1088 Chetham Society publication. v. 98,110) 78 pp53-54
fler William Flower, The visitation of the County Palatine of Lancaster made in the year 1567. Edited by F R Raines 1870 (4/1091 Chetham Society, v.OS81)
fler Richard St. George, The visitation of the County Palatine of Lancaster made in the year 1613. p. 39, 91 Edited. F R Raines 1871 (4/1101 Chetham Society,v.OS82)
fler Sir William Dugdale,knight, Norroy king of arms. The visitation of the county Palatine of Lancaster made in the year 1664-5 Edited by F.R. Raines 1872-1873 3v. (4/1090 Chetham Society,v. 84,85,88) 150
fler Visitation of the county of Suffolke, Holt Pedigree, from Lennard's copy of the 1561 visitation, Collinge Pedigree Harl MS 890, Holt Pedigree visitation of London 1633-4 p47, 49
fler The Visitation of the County of Oxford 1566 taken by William Harvey Clarencieux p.173
fler The Visitation of London 1568 taken by H Stanford p.27 and 121
fler The Visitation of Surrey 1662-8 taken by Sr Edward Bysshe kt Flarenceux p.39
fler The Visitation of Suffolk 1561 taken by William Harvey Clarencieux p.52
fler Holt Family (Castleton Hall) p.262 H Brierley's Record Book
fler Catalogue of the heralds visitations in British Museum 1825
fler Formation of the Coat of Arms, The British Library, Harl 891 p 96v, 100v, Har; 1437, p 38, 92, Harl 1468 p 62-62v, 102V, Harl 1549 p 7v, 59v-60, Harl 2076, p 12v-13, Harl 2086 p 17v-18, 24v, Harl 6159 p 44
fler Walfords's County families of the UK (1904)
fler Robert Holt Leigh by Tom Ferber Dissertation
fler Lee's Heraldica Lancastria p. 200
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fler An Index to printed pedigrees contained in county and local histories , the heralds visitations and in the more important genealogical collections by Charles Bridger p 13-15, 44-47, 64-65, 104-105, 134-137, 234-236
fler The Knights of England - WMA - pub 1907 vol 1
fler Index to the Pedigress by G W Marshall 1866
fler Holt of Aston, John Burke's A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies of England, Ireland and Scotland. 1841
fler Holt of Orleton Hall formerly of Mount Mascal. Burke's Landed Gentry, p 307-8
fler Holt of Parramatta and Rockhampton, p 251-2, Burke's Colonial Gentry
fler Holt lineage p.327 Burke's family records by Ashworth P Burke, 1897 pub. Harrison and sons
fler The Bigland Pedigree Index, 1990, Sir Ralph Bigland, Garter King of Arms p 124
fler A genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, vol 1 John Burke p 273-274
fler The general armory of England, Scotland and Wales, Sir B Burke 1884
fler Heraldry in Lancaster Castle , web
fler Burke's Landed Gentry 1906 p 842-845, 1828-1829
fler Burke's Landed Gentry 1894 p 980-981
fler Burke's Landed Gentry 1921p915-917, 1907-1908
fler Index to Fairbairn's book of crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland. Vol 1 Holt p244, Fairbairns Crest.
fler Holt of Chetham, p.1276 Peerage and Baronetage
fler The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Sir Bernard Burke, 1884
fler V and HV Rolland's illustration to the armorial general by J B Rietstap
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fler Encyclopaedia Britannica, volume 25 Knowledge in Depth, p96
fler The discovery of witches in answer to several queries lately delivered to the judges of assize for the county of Norfolk by Mathew Hopkins witch-finder, 1837
fler Cassell, Dictionary of Witchcraft David Pickering 1996
fler Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England, a regional and comparative study, Alan Macfarlane 1970
fler The Encyclopdia of Witchraft and Demonology Rossell Hope Robbins 1959
fler Volume VIII English Historical Documents 1660-1714 ed. Andrew Browning 1953 p 172-173
fler Sir John Holt (1642-1710) a biographical sketch with especial reference to his witchcraft trials - Redgrave Park. web
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