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Biographies of Prominent People

1575 Francis Holt, of Gristlehurst, near Bury
1619 John Holt, of Stubley.
1640 Robert Holt, of Castleton.
Sir John Holt from 17 April 1689 to 5 March 1710 was Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales. He was known for being a fair judge. He studied law at Gray's Inn in London, and was appointed to the bar in 1663. He became King's sergeant and was knighted around 1685-1686. In 1688 he had a prominent role in William III gaining the throne of England, and soon after was appointed Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench.
To read more about the Holts of Gristlehusrst, Click here for a chapter of local family history. A letter with details of the ancestry of Chief-Justice Holt is interesting to read
James Maden Holt Esq. M.A. J.P., a justice of the Peace and Philanthropist, sat in the House of Commons from 1868 for 12 years as an Independent Conservative. For more details about the life of James Maden Holt click here. More family details click here.
Alfred Holt was the most famous member of the renowned Holt shipping dynasty of Liverpool
Extract from the Mersey Magazine of the Mersey Dock Board October 1924. The Makers of Modern Liverpool,
The Holt family and part 2 three generations part 3
Richard Durning Holt (1868 - 22 March 1941) was a British Liberal politician and became a Member of Parliament for Hexham between 1907 - 1918. His details.
Father Holt had great influence and is reported to have been sent privily into Scotland in 1583 to contrive a way for invading England in behalf of Queen Mary. To read more.
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